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Focus on character. Things like plot, structure, theme, making sense (!) are extras to me. I just want complicated, fully realized, damaged, imperfect, interesting characters doing things. Any things. It can be grocery shopping, seriously. I care about character.

And relationships! Complicated, fully realized, damaged, imperfect, interesting relationships involving two or more people. Romance, friendship, family, found family, all of it. I love best: siblings, BFFs who love each other, people who belong together but are afraid, people who are horrible together but can’t quit, soulmates. I love unresolved sexual tension. Two people flirting in a grocery store, seriously. I care about feelings.

My perfect scenario for pretty much any fandom is: everyone in the group has to live together for some reason and they all squabble about dishes and TV rights and sneak around into each others bedrooms in the middle of the night. 

I like:
  • Angst
  • Fluff
  • Curtain fic
  • Introspective character/relationship analysis masquerading as fic
  • Road trips
  • Touchy-feely physicality (but vanilla sex)
  • Unresolved Sexual Tension

I do not like:
  • PWP, Porn in general — graphic description of sexual acts just pulls me completely out of the story, I prefer it simple and suggestive. Same goes for NSFW art.
  • Horror, gore
  • Graphic depictions of violence
  • Action oriented plots


Please note these are just guidelines!

Killjoys (TV) 

Johnny Jaqobis/Pawter Simms, Dutch/Pawter Simms, Alvis Akari/Pawter Simms
I have not forgiven the show for killing off Pawter, my precious space princess frontier doctor, my favorite character from her introduction. I loved her and I loved her with Johnny and I'm still upset about it. So, whatever you do will be better than that!

Possible Prompts: 

  • Fix it fic where Pawter doesn't die.
  • Cute, fluffy, happy Pawter and Johnny being in love. 
  • Dutch and Pawter have a one night stand that one or both can't get over.
  • Alvis and Pawter comfort each other while underground (end of S1).
  • Johnny, Dutch, and Alvis all remember Pawter after her death.

Star Wars Prequel Trilogy 

Sabé is my favourite and the one I have my own headcanons for — they grew up together and know each other better than anyone because they had to pretend to be the same person, Amidala, that wasn’t really either of them and that lends itself to MANY IDEAS — but if you have a different favorite, I’m open to it. I mean the set up of bodyguard/double/sacrifice is RIFE and all of these characters deserve many more words (or brushstrokes) devoted to them.

Possible Prompts: 

  • Handmaiden Bootcamp where they learn to shoot, trade secrets, and host state dinners.
  • Pre- or Post-Battle Hook-up.
  • Kissing Game/Truth or Dare
  • Helping the Queen dress.
  • AU where a Handmaiden/Handmaidens help Padmé raise the twins.

Soul Eater 

Maka Albarn/Crona
Maka sees something in Crona worth reaching and Crona knows absolutely nothing about relationships or even basic human interaction but they know Maka better than almost anyone. These are amazing building blocks for story! Note: Crona is Non-Binary, please use NB pronouns (they/them). 

Possible Prompts: 

  • Maka fixes Crona up on a date and then she has to teach them how to dress and dance and talk and kiss and then they never make it to the date or maybe they do and it is a wistful ending.
  • Maka and Crona go shopping or study for a test and it ends up very flirty and they think it should be awkward but it's not!
  • Maka and Crona have a sleepover with Tsubaki and Patty and Liz and they play kissing games. 

About art: I think my suggested prompts generally work for art or fic, but I also love fairy tale or Arthurian AUs.