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Focus on character. Things like plot, structure, theme, making sense (!) are extras to me. I just want complicated, fully realized, damaged, imperfect, interesting characters doing things. Any things. It can be grocery shopping, seriously. I care about character.

And relationships! Complicated, fully realized, damaged, imperfect, interesting relationships involving two or more people. Romance, friendship, family, found family, all of it. I love best: siblings, BFFs who love each other, people who belong together but are afraid, people who are horrible together but can’t quit, soulmates. I love unresolved sexual tension. Two people flirting in a grocery store, seriously. I care about feelings.

My perfect scenario for pretty much any fandom is: everyone in the group has to live together for some reason and they all squabble about dishes and TV rights and sneak around into each others bedrooms in the middle of the night. This can be adapted for Star Trek easily as everyone is already stuck living together on the ship or station!

I like:
  • Angst
  • Fluff
  • Curtain fic
  • Introspective character/relationship analysis masquerading as fic
  • Road trips
  • Touchy-feely physicality
  • Unresolved Sexual Tension

I do not like:
  • Horror, gore
  • Graphic depictions of violence
  • Action oriented plots


Please note these are just guidelines!

The through line of these requests is “Tell me more!” These relationships didn’t get enough screen time and I want to know everything.

Jean-Luc Picard and Jack Crusher were best friends: tell me more! Jack’s only impact on the story is his death and because we barely get to meet him we don’t really care he’s dead and that’s not fair! So give me some Jean-Luc and Jack bonding (maybe over books?) and feel free to include Beverly (I loooooooove friendship trios a la Harry Potter or Star Wars or Camelot etc).

Harry Kim and Mezoti start to bond at the end of "Ashes to Ashes": tell me more! Harry Kim is everybody's little brother, now he gets to have a little sister! Go wherever you want to build on that tentative friendship. 

Kira Nerys and Jake Sisko at the end of "What We Leave Behind" breaks-and-mends my heart every time: tell me more. I imagine awkward dinner conversation and a shared loneliness and a kind of exhaustion. Or like. Paintball. 

Gaila and Nyota Uhura
are roommates at the Academy: tell me more. I love any and every story about Nyota and Gaila being friends (not frenemies). 

Jaylah and James T. Kirk are a lot alike despite their differences: tell me more. Jaylah goes to the Academy -- and maybe she gets homesick and reaches out to James T., or maybe he surprises her with a visit, at a science fair?, maybe the whole crew comes? However you want to work it, I just want more of them.

Data and Keiko O'Brien: tell me more.  Anything!!!! One idea is they trade recordings between the Enterprise and DS9, which could be a neat way to dig into their character and relationship (and call back to her introduction).
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