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Hello! Thank you in advance <3

Here are my generals and specifics. You can browse my multifandom tumblr @ magnetgirl. 


Focus on character. Things like plot, structure, theme, making sense (!) are extras to me. I just want complicated, fully realized, damaged, imperfect, interesting characters doing things. Any things. It can be grocery shopping, seriously. I care about character.

And relationships! Complicated, fully realized, damaged, imperfect, interesting relationships involving two or more people. Romance, friendship, family, found family, all of it. I love best: siblings, BFFs who love each other, people who belong together but are afraid, people who are horrible together but can’t quit, soulmates. I love unresolved sexual tension. Two people flirting in a grocery store, seriously. I care about feelings.

My perfect scenario for pretty much any fandom is: everyone in the group has to live together for some reason and they all squabble about dishes and TV rights and sneak around into each others bedrooms in the middle of the night.

I like:
Curtain fic
Introspective character/relationship analysis masquerading as fic
Road trips
Touchy-feely physicality (but vanilla sex)
Unresolved Sexual Tension

I do not like:
Porn in general — graphic description of sexual acts just pulls me completely out of the story, I prefer it simple and suggestive. Same goes for NSFW art.
Horror, gore

Please note these are just guidelines! 

Olivia Benson (L&O:SVU)/Hank Voight (Chicago PD); Erin Lindsay (Chicago PD)/Amanda Rollins (L&O: SVU)
I love their shared universe, love the crossovers, love these ships. The relationship between Hank and Erin is my favourite on CPD and he suggests he trusts Liv to mentor Erin and I would love that to be explored -- so he keeps in touch for Erin but ends up falling for Liv. And/or last season's finales for CPD and SVU were super similar and I think it could make for very interesting conversations and opportunities for hurt/comfort physicality. For Erin and Amanda, something set during the first crossover where they bond over their screwed up relationships with their partners and somehow end up making out would be amazing! But anything that builds on what we got for either of these couples will be great. Also I love One Chicago and the entire SVU family so feel free to bring in or cameo anyone. 

Sarah Connor (Terminator Films)/Olivia Dunham (Fringe)
They would bond over alternate timelines that do and do not intersect and losing loved ones and how unfair the entire situation is but nobody has time to cry about it and then JUST as they realize they are totally head over heels for each other they have to stop the worlds from blowing up (again) and resign themselves to never seeing each other again.

Emma Swan (OUaT) & Greg House (House)

I just want them to meet and House thinks she's Cameron and Emma tries to figure out what storybook he's from and shenanigans ensue. 

Irene Adler (Elementary)/Bobbi Morse (Agents of SHIELD)

Mainly I just think these two would be an amazing couple? I imagine Irene/Jamie going after Bobbi (either romantically or in a criminal sort of way, or both at the same time!) pretty openly and Bobbi not even understanding it’s happening until all of sudden they’re making out and then she’s like ‘Oh. But — Ohhhhhhh’. And the they team up and take over the world, or else Bobbi arrests Jamie but visits her every week and probably she joins the Thunderbolts eventually. Alternatively an AU detective agency/international crime ring run by these two badasses bickering over morals. 

Jaylah (Star Trek)/Rey (Star Wars)
They would CLEARLY be besties who kiss and then oops, we’re in love. What if Rey also goes to Starfleet Academy and they end up roommates? Or maybe Jaylah gets to be a Jedi? Or it’s a coffee shop AU where they work at opposing cafes across the street from each other? So many possibilities. 

Nina Sayers (Black Swan), Claire Robbins (Flesh and Bone), Natasha Romanov (MCU), Lily (Black Swan)

Whatever combination of my damaged and dangerous ballerinas works for you, go for it. Nina and/or Claire and/or Lily can be part of the Black Widow/Red Room Program or Natasha recruits Nina after she turns into a Swan-Monster (she's an Inhuman maybe?) or Lily and Claire meet post both their canons and bond over dysfunction and death or your own idea. 

Note: I couldn't request it separate from the rest but this one would also make AMAZING art I think.

Galen Erso/Orson Krennic (Rogue One)
Here's how I see it: Orson loves Galen a lot, Galen loved Orson before he became an Imperial shill, Galen loves Lyra, Orson and Lyra tolerate each other up to the point where they have a shoot out, Galen never forgives Orson, Orson still loves Galen a lot, to the point of delusion, he really didn't think Galen would betray him and he can't bring himself to hurt him even if he did. If you choose to do art, please include the cape!

Galen Erso & Jyn Erso & Lyra Erso (Rogue One); Bail Organa & Leia Organa (Rogue One)
Family feels!!! Please go as adorable and fluffy or as doomed and tragic as you want here. I will cry either way. 

Garcia Flynn & Lucy Preston (Timeless); Garcia Flynn/Lucy Preston (Timeless)
I really enjoy this series, how it plays with history and preconceived notions, and also just the dress up and play act fun of time travel. I'm most interested in Flynn and his relationship with/to Lucy. Sometimes I think they're related, other times I want them to have a doomed love affair (and tbh these are not mutually exclusive). Time travel hijinks and angst! I'm all in. 

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