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Thank you in advance!


I like: Character. Things like plot, structure, theme, making sense (!) are extras to me. I just want complicated, fully realized, damaged, imperfect, interesting characters doing things. Any things. It can be grocery shopping, seriously. I care about character.

And relationships! Complicated, fully realized, damaged, imperfect, interesting relationships involving two or more people. Romance, friendship, family, found family, all of it. I love best: siblings, BFFs who love each other, people who belong together but are afraid, people who are horrible together but can’t quit, soulmates. I love unresolved sexual tension. Two people flirting in a grocery store, seriously. I care about feelings.

I don’t like: smut/porn/sex. Graphic description of sexual acts just pulls me completely out of the story, I prefer it simple and suggestive. 


General notes on specific requests: The theme of this year's requests is resilience. Each of these characters have experienced trauma. And now they have to go on. How do they do that?

HEAT (1995)
Chris Shiherlis (Heat), Charlene Shiherlis (Heat) 

This movie is too long by half and way too self-impressed and there are really only two things I care about in it. But those two things? I CARE SO MUCH. 
The first is Lauren, Vincent Hanna's stepdaughter (played by Natalie Portman) who (trigger warning for self-harmtries to kill herself in his bathtub. She's not a listed character, and she's barely in the movie, but if you want to explore what happened to Lauren, please do!
The second is Charlene, and her relationship to Chris. The moment when Charlene warns Chris away from the police's trap is so fraught with emotion and I just:  

It's a broken, toxic relationship, they are so very screwed up, and I ship it so hard. They absolutely should not be together unless Chris gets some help with his addictions, Charlene and their son most certainly deserve better, but I don't think she'll ever really get over him. And he just looks so happy to see her on the balcony and so devastated to have to drive away. 
Possible Prompts: 
-What does Charlene tell Dominick about his father?
-Do Chris and Charlene find their way back to each other?
-How did Chris and Charlene get together in the first place?
-What are the consequences for Charlene when Chris gets away?
-How does Lauren grow up? Does she stay in touch with Hanna?
-Maybe she becomes a detective?
-Basically, what happens to these two women after the trauma of the movie? How do they survive?

TWISTER (1996)
Jo Harding, Bill Harding

I love this movie. I love that Jo and Bill and their whole crew are so smart and so awkward and so awesome and this adorable family unit. Give me all the bickering brilliant scientists chasing storms and adventures and loving and supporting each other no matter what. I seriously go look for fic every time I watch this film so I will love pretty much anything.

Possible Prompts:
 -Analyzing data late at night. It becomes a metaphor for their relationship. 
-Team hijinks. Maybe they involve a storm chase. Maybe they go to Disney World. 
-"So are we back together?"
-Helping Aunt Meg move in to her new house. 
-Fundraising for their research. Bill is the public face but everybody wants to talk to Jo. 
-Starting a family. 

Rachel Seybolt, Charlie Crews
RACHEL. I love this series, I love to revisit it, and every time I yell "Don't go!" when Charlie sends Rachel away. I've read every version of 'Charlie brings Rachel back' and I want 500 more. I love them, I love their relationship. I am not opposed to shipping them. I am also not opposed to a father-daughter vibe. Other characters and relationships welcome as long as the focus is Rachel and Charlie. 

Possible Prompts:
-Charlie gets Rachel back
-I love the episode "Jackpot", give me more 'Rachel accompanies Charlie on the job'!
-Rachel puts her life back together without anybody's help thank you very much
-Seriously, grocery shopping
-Thanksgiving. How cute would that be?
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