Sep. 4th, 2015

magnetgirl: (Default)

I like:
Curtain fic
Introspective character/relationship analysis masquerading as fic
Road trips
Touchy-feely physicality
But vanilla sex

I do not like:
Porn in general — like graphic description of sexual acts just pulls me completely out of the story, I prefer it simple and suggestive.
Horror, gore

Please note these are just guidelines! Not even guidelines, just ideas presented to get you thinking. You do you XD

Moriarty & Morse (Elementary/MCU crossover)
Well, written like that an AU detective agency story would be lovely ;) But mainly I just think these two would be an amazing couple? I imagine Jamie going after Bobbi (romantically…tho she could also go after her in a criminal sort of way, or both at the same time!) pretty openly and Bobbi not even understanding it’s happening until all of sudden they’re making out and then she’s like ‘Oh. But — Ohhhhhhh’. And the they team up and take over the world, or else Bobbi arrests Jamie but visits her every week and probably she joins the Thunderbolts eventually (OMG I want that to be real).

Sarah & Olivia (Terminator/Fringe crossover)
They would bond over alternate timelines that do and do not intersect and losing loved ones and how unfair the entire situation is but nobody’s has time to cry about it and then JUST as they realize they are totally head over heels for each other they have to stop the worlds from blowing up (again) and resign themselves to never seeing each other again.

Evony & Tamsin (Lost Girl)
In this particular instance ignore what I said about vanilla and also feel free to bring in violence. Manipulative Evony and Self-destructive Tamsin arguing and having crazy dirty violent sex basically? But maybe also getting drunk and sloppy and bonding over people having expectations and how screwed up everything always is. Burn it to the ground.

Arwen & Tauriel (Middle Earth films)
I am really emotional about #myelves and these two are my favourite. Elves live forever which means endless possibilities. Training! First love! Last love when their mortals are long dead! Fighting in the war of the rings because they both belong there and you have no idea how much I want that movie! Some kind of pen-pals Beaches like fic that spans their whole lives and they are soulmates and I’m crying thinking about it!

Padme & Handmaidens (Star Wars)
Sabe is my favourite and the one I have my own headcanons for — they grew up together and know each other better than anyone because they had to pretend to be the same person, Amidala, that wasn’t really either of them and that lends itself to MANY IDEAS — but if you have a different favorite, I’m open to it. I mean the set up of bodyguard/double/sacrifice is RIFE and all of these characters deserve many more words devoted to them.