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I like:
Curtain fic
Introspective character/relationship analysis masquerading as fic
Road trips
Touchy-feely physicality
But vanilla sex

I do not like:
Porn in general — like graphic description of sexual acts just pulls me completely out of the story, I prefer it simple and suggestive. Same goes for NSFW art.
Horror, gore

Please note these are just guidelines! 

Jaylah and Rey (Star Trek/Star Wars Crossover)
Look, they would CLEARLY be besties who kiss and then oops, we’re in love. What if Rey also goes to Starfleet Academy and they end up roommates? Or maybe Jaylah gets to be a Jedi? Or it’s a coffee shop AU where they work at opposing cafes across the street from each other? So many possibilities. 

Nymphadora Tonks and Fleur Delacour (Harry Potter)
Well, they would be perfect in every way. I imagine an AU where Bill died, and Remus died, but Tonks survived. And she and Fleur get to know each other in their grief and end up falling in love. But my only request is don’t bash Bill or Fleur/Bill because I really love them together so I’d prefer they never got together or he dies or they share or if they have to break up, it's amicable and he's a great dad and he's wistfully happy with or without someone else. As for Remus and Remus/Tonks, frankly from my pov you're unlikely to do anything that's worse than canon. Tldr; deal with Remus and Bill or not, but please don't vilify them to sell the alternate ship (this is a general guideline but most specific to this request). <3

Maka Albarn and Crona Gorgon (Soul Eater)
Maka sees something in Crona worth reaching and Crona knows absolutely nothing about relationships or even basic human interaction but they know Maka better than almost anyone. These are amazing building blocks for story! Maybe Maka fixes Crona up on a date and then she has to teach them how to dress and dance and talk and kiss and then they never make it to the date or maybe they do and it is a wistful ending. Maybe something much simpler, Maka and Crona go shopping and it ends up very flirty and they think it should be awkward but it's not! Or they study for a test. Or they have a sleepover with Tsubaki and Patty and Liz and they play kissing games. 

Alex Parrish and Shelby Wyatt (Quantico)
They are in love, the end. None of their boys add up to the raw chemistry between them. Feel free to revisit scenes in S1 such as chatting on the bed in the dorm and playing with the other's hair and touching the other's knee or that time Alex had Shelby handcuffed to her staircase or bonding over how completely bonkers their personal and/or family lives are because omg. Or go off book and drop them into not at all related to the FBI or terrorism plots, for example a fairy tale AU with Princess Shelby and Alex as her knight in shining armor!

About art: I checked art as well as fic for the crossover and the Soul Eater requests; I think my suggested prompts generally work for art or fic, but I also love fairy tale or Arthurian AUs. 
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