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Hello! I'm excited to participate in this challenge with you!



I like: Character. Things like plot, structure, theme, making sense (!) are extras to me. I just want complicated, fully realized, damaged, imperfect, interesting characters doing things. Any things. It can be grocery shopping, seriously. I care about character.

And relationships! Complicated, fully realized, damaged, imperfect, interesting relationships involving two or more people. Romance, friendship, family, found family, all of it. I love best: siblings, BFFs who love each other, people who belong together but are afraid, people who are horrible together but can’t quit, soulmates. I love unresolved sexual tension. Two people flirting in a grocery store, seriously. I care about feelings.

 My perfect scenario for pretty much any fandom is: everyone in the group has to live together for some reason and they all squabble about dishes and TV rights and sneak around into each others bedrooms in the middle of the night.

 I don’t like: smut/porn/sex. I generally prefer a ‘fade to black’ scenario.



Harry Potter | Dean Thomas

I finished reading The Deathly Hallows with the distinct impression that Luna and Dean hooked up and I'm mad 'canon' refutes it. Give me Dean and Luna helping each other through trauma and slowly falling in love! Alternately, Dean's feelings about Ginny and about Ginny wrt Harry and about Ginny/Harry and that whole mess, I love messes and feeeeeelings. I'd also be perfectly happy with some kind of rewrite of an event or moment in the story (Triwizard Tournament/Yule Ball, formation of Dumbledore's Army, Dumbledore's Death, Battle of Hogwarts, etc) from Dean's point of view OR a post-series Awesome Things Dean Does that doesn't involve Luna (maybe he becomes a lawyer XD). Basically I just want a story about Dean and his feelings.

Shadowhunters | Any

Okay, I didn't specify any characters because this one would work so well for my favorite scenario as listed above – everyone in the cast has to move in together cue shenanigans.  I ship pretty much everything so have at you. My favourite is Alec and his intricate relationships and rivalries with Magnus, Jace, Izzy, and Clary. And I love Izzy & Clary desperately. 

Deep Space Nine | Jake Sisko

I love Jake the Starfleet brat who chooses art over Starfleet and anything exploring that is great. Post-series talks with Kira, Kasidy, or Ezri. A romance with Ezri would make my heart sing but I'm not opposed to Jake/Nog either. Big brother Jake. Early seasons Jake running around making observations Harriet the Spy style. Anything with Jake and his wit and his feelings center stage (would not say no to a modern AU featuring Jake as a ballet dancer). 

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